1955 Leech Lake Musky Rampage


The Leech Lake musky Rampage was a two-week fishing extravaganza that began on Saturday, July 16, 1955. The exact number of muskies taken during this period is not known, but at least 163 fish from 18 to 42 pounds were recorded at Federal Dam alone and the rest of Leech Lake was hopping tooLeech Lake was crowned the “Musky Capital of the World” after the famous musky rampage during a hot spell in July 1955. 

It was not until the amazing weekend of July 16 and 17, 1955 that the musky fishing came into its own on Leech Lake. Variously referred to as the Rampage, the Uprising, or the Explosion, the bizarre behavior of muskies those few days was unlike anything seen before or since, and after 30 years these facts are still hard to believe. This unheard of incident permanently thrust Leech Lake into musky fishing history, and thousands of Musky Hunters, upon the mention of Leech Lake, still remark: “That’s where the muskies went crazy, isn’t it?”
Just might explain why it’s like pulling teeth, for most Musky Hunters, to even catch a legal musky….. Get the full story here: http://sportingclassicsdaily.com/when-the-muskies-went-wild/


Due to catch and release practices, the lake produces even more big fish over 50 inches than it did decades ago.

Spring: Fish are migrating from spawning areas to summer habitat. Look for 6’-8’ cabbage weeds or areas of heavy perch concentrations. Use trolling motor and sight fish. When located, pitch bass creatures or bigger jigs in front of them. Small top water lures, small cranks and buck tails will also trigger them.

Summer: Fish are now on all kinds of structure – weed beds, sand bars, rock reefs and open water. Increase the size of lures and use all types. Be sure to try top water, twitch baits, buck tails with trailers, Bull dawgs and troll bigger crank baits like Jakes, Grandmas, Magnum Cisco Kids and Depth raiders. Jerk baits like Suicks, Reef Hawgs, and Wade’s Wobblers work well. Buck tails like Hawg Spins, M&G, Cowgirls, and Eagle tails are good.

Tip…. Fish low light periods – dawn & dusk, cloudy days, windy days and stormy weather.

Better yet, check the solunar tables…..

Fall: The later, the better for big fish. The fish are on rock reefs and sand bars more than weed beds. Hit windswept points. Large baits like Bull dawgs, Cowgirls, Suicks, big cranks or twitch baits work well. Find bait fish in open water with your electronics and troll through them with big crank baits.